The laidback seaside village of Golden Beach, didn’t get its dreamy name for nothing. Golden sunsets, wide open strips of golden beach sand, snuggled up against gorgeous shimmering surf, are just some of the magical allure, that keeps drawing visitors back to this charming beachfront. Holiday rentals and holiday homes are popular here, as holiday makers descend down to the beach for their summer seaside holidays.

golfBeautiful picnic spots, miles and miles of unspoiled surf, golf, bowling, and even a BMX track, are just some of the things that will get you up and about, out of your holiday accommodation.

Things To See and Do

The main attraction in Golden Beach is naturally the beach, just a stone’s throw away from the front door of your holiday accommodation. Soak up the sun on the balcony of your holiday home, and listen to the sound of the waves lapping against the golden seashore, and the gently flow of the waves along the coast when you open your eyes in the morning.


emadArdent fishing enthusiasts flock to the region every year, not only for the superb fishing spots, but also because of the biggest and best ocean fishing competitions in all of Victoria, are held her every year. So if you or your family enjoys fishing, this would be the ideal spot, while there is plenty for the rest of your visiting party to enjoy. Stunning nature walks, along the coastal belt of Golden Beach, right up to Paradise beach, commencing as you step out of your front door of your holiday rental, will take you to an absolute ecological paradise.

Not only is the bird life here immense and varied, you will be able to see kangaroos, emus, echidnas and wombats all in their natural habitat. Wild flowers in spring roll all over in between the coastal vegetation on the protected sand dunes, and you will be able to see yellow tailed black cockatoos, blue wrens and loads of other honeyeaters.

For families visiting with their children, this is one f the best holiday spots to keep children entertained. Take them and yourself, if you can tear yourself away from the beach that is, and head down to the bowls club, and you can enjoy a family game of bowls on the greens. Golf is very popular here, and people of all ages are able to go and play a round of golf on the nine-hole course. In the park, kids can play around, while parents take their reading books and relax under the tree, or head on down to the oval, where they can join in or start a game of football or cricket. For the serious adventures, head out down to the BMX jump track and show off your skills.

One of the best parts of this destination is the fact that everything is in walking distance from your holiday home or holiday accommodation, the beach is less than 200 meters away from your front door of your holiday house, and the park, bowls and shops, are also but a hop, skip and a jump away from your holiday villa on the beach.



The mild and temperate climate of Golden Beach, makes this destination a super choice, all year round. With a predominately winter rainfall area, there is plenty of rain to cool off on balmy summer days as well. Also very humid at times during the summer, the air temperatures may only reach 25 C, but humidity could make it appear hotter. If you do not cope well in the heat, then the winter months between April and September will be perfect, as the daytime temperatures average around 15 C and go down to an average of 5 C during the night. Nothing like a romantic beach walk, with crashing waves and clouds in sky, and chasing raindrops back to your holiday house.

Getting There

There are two choices in getting to Golden Beach, the first would be to fly into Melbourne, Victoria, and hire a car and self drive the 225km or so, along the scenic route to the front door of your holiday home. Alternatively you could fly into Melbourne, catch a connecting flight to Sale Airport, and hire a car and drive the 40 km, around 20 minutes, into Golden Beach, and arrive just in time for sundowners on the beach.